Chronic Migraine vs Caffeine

Mackenzie Pyle, Staff Writer

Chronic migraine is a condition where a person has upward of fifteen headaches a month for longer than three months. It affects one percent of the population, but impacts that one percent greatly. Recent studies have shown that coffee is having a bigger hand in chronic migraine than previously thought.

Caffeine can help reduce headaches, and many who suffer from migraines have said so themselves. Scientists are arguing that the home remedy of drinking coffee can make the condition more severe over time, though. They say that forming a dependency on coffee for relief can intensify headaches, especially when patients try to stop drinking it.

Despite this information, almost all migraine medication contains caffeine. Could the medication be addictive? More importantly, could the medication make migraines worse if a patient tries to wean off of the medication? Whether a person chooses to cut caffeine out completely or drink a tall cup of coffee to relieve their headaches is their call!