The Life of a Twin

Many people ask themselves the question, “What is it like to be a twin?” Being a twin has many perks as well as some downsides. Twins around SHS were interviewed to fins out their thoughts on what it is like being a twin.

From the freshman class, Liza Stuckwisch, who has a twin brother, Ty Stuckwisch was interviewed. She said, “I like how I always have a friend when I go somewhere.” Having a twin is like having a built-in-friend all the time.

Also interviewed was Chyanne Miller, who has a twin sister, Chelby, from the junior class. She stated, “I like having someone to talk to and be around. I won’t be lonely, and everyone else in my family is older and will graduate, so I’m glad I’ll have someone to go through it with me.” Chyanne also mentioned some of the downsides to being a twin, including sharing a birthday.

The last set of twins to be interviewed was Aidan Hiester, from the senior class, who has a twin brother, Arie. She said, “I like always having a life-long best friend that goes through the same things I do on a daily basis.” 

When having a twin, they go through thick and thin together. They always have each other to go to and talk to. So, the next time the thought of, “I wish I had a twin,” comes into mind, take into consideration all of the things that come with it.