Carli Lloyd makes history


Camryn Sterling, Lillie Wessel, and Ellen Zabor

Carli Lloyd mad history on August 20th 2019, Carli Lloyd, two-time World Cup Champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist kicked a 55 yard field goal, practicing with the Philadelphia Eagles football team. Carli Lloyd, being only 37 years old, could possibly take a challenging step in her life. She has already been offered a kicking spot on two NFL teams for the upcoming 2020 season. 

Lloyd was called up to play, but on the same week she had her own game, therefore she had to turn down the opportunity. Tom Brady shared his thoughts when he made an appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show.” He said, “I think if you’re good enough to do it and teams wanted to explore that, then everyone should have the opportunity. It’s a very highly competitive game and it’s hard to find good players. It’s hard to find good quarterbacks. It’s hard to find good coaches. It’s hard to find good linebackers. It’s certainly hard to find good kickers.” Tom Brady encourages the idea of Carli Lloyd having a kicking position on an NFL team. 

Lloyd states, “I’m not naive about an NFL kicking position, I love challenges.” Carli Lloyd has inspired many people throughout the world in this special event that could possibly make history.