“You Are What You Love”


Kylee Nowling, Editor

Nearly two years after releasing her last album, Taylor Swift released Lover early Friday morning. Lover is very contrasting to her last album, Reputation, but has a similar sound as some of her earlier work. One might describe this album as a whimsical pastel rainbow. Taylor described it as saying, “This album is very much a celebration of love, in all its complexity, coziness, and chaos.”  

Lover is Taylor’s seventh studio album, and has more songs than any of her past albums. As many people already know, Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius. Her songs are made to make people feel and relate to things. Whether you are in love, going through heartbreak, dealing with an illness, or just happy, you will relate to the songs on this album. 

Recently, all of Taylor’s  previous self-written albums were sold to Scooter Braun. Although, it has been confirmed that she will start re-recording all of her old albums to regain control, Lover is very important to Taylor.  Lover is the first album she has owned and had all the rights to.

Even though Lover is not yet one week old, it has already broken many records. Within the first day, Lover had already broke the record for the year’s biggest first week sales. Lover has also pre-sold more copies than any album in Target’s history. Lover is expected to break many more records, and earn countless awards. 

Whether you have listened to Taylor Swift before or not, I highly recommend her new album. Lover is available for streaming and is at Target for purchase. Along with the album, Taylor Swift has four versions of her old diaries released, and a clothing line with Stella McCartney. As Craig Jenkins said, “The old Taylor is back on Lover and the best she’s been in years.”