Go Owls Go!


Grace Skaggs, Staff Writer

Over the weekend on August 31st, the boys and girls cross country team raced at Franklin High School. It was a very eventful day for all the teams there. The races were scheduled to start around 8:30, but that changed when a storm began to roll in. All the runners had to move to the buses and wait for the storm to pass. After almost two and a half hours of waiting, the races were soon going to begin around 11:30. Both teams had a very good day running, and they both placed third. Makenna Sunbury, who placed first for the girls team, placed eighth with a time of 20:12.22. And Ethan Dippold who placed first for the boys team, placed fifth with a time of 16:47.88. The overall score for the girls was 129, and the boys teams scored 97 points.