Football Team Suffers First Loss in Heart Breaker vs. Bedford


Carson Carpenter, Sports Co-Editor

The football team lost their first game of the year Friday night. It was a slow start for the Owls, something that’s been common throughout every game this season with the Owls only scoring once in the first quarter. Nonetheless, the first quarter ended 7-0 Bedford’s lead.

The 2nd quarter didn’t involve much action either, just a 35-yard field goal that Bedford hit to make their lead 10-0.

The end of the first half was disappointing for the Owls, but they came out ready to play, with the first play from scrimmage being an 80-yard receiving touchdown to Drew Vehslage. The Owls got a huge morale boost from this and started to build up momentum. Bedford would answer with a deep touchdown themselves, precisely 52-yards. Both teams would go back and forth for a bit until Seymour scored again, this time a 36-yarder to Tight End Brayden Barker. The score was 14-16 heading into the fourth quarter, Bedford’s lead.

The Owls would force a punt from Bedford in the 4th and capitalized off of it, scoring a touchdown to take the lead 21-16. The quarter was about halfway over when the Owls scored. Bedford would survive some 4th down scares on their drive and took time off the clock as they drove up the field. With about 15 seconds left in the game, Bedford would strike. They attempted a 2-point conversion and converted. By the time the kick-off ended, there was 8 seconds left and the Owls had the ball on their own 40-yard line. The next play, QB Brendan Smith would scramble and get out of bounds at around midfield. There was 0.6 seconds left and it was time for a hail mary. Smith heaved it up and almost found Wide Receiver Ely Henderson for the game winning touchdown but a Bedford defender would get his hand on it. The score was now final, 24-21 Bedford won. The Owls fall to 4-1 on the season.