New Students Brought to Seymour High School


Camryn Sterling, Staff Writer

Seymour High School has the honor of hosting seven foreign exchange students in the 2019-2020 school year!  The students are: Josh Galbraith comes from Australia, Alex Vieth from Denmark, Tizia Tripp from Germany, Camboulas Vincent from France, Caterina Zanotti and Margherita Rodeschini from Italy, and Marina Lozano comes from Spain. Every week, there will be a feature on one of these students. First up, we have Caterina Zanotti, or Cate!

Cate is 17 years old and is from Asti, Italy. The Owl Newspaper asked Cate a few questions about how her experience has been in the United States.

Question #1: How is your school different from school in the United States?

Answer #1: “So the school in Italy is almost the opposite: we don’t have lockers, we spend the whole day in the same class, the teachers move to different classes and also my school is smaller than Seymour High School. My school’s building and the inside are also really old and we don’t have a lot of laboratories or manufacturing class or computer class.  Another important difference is the relationship with the teachers in my school, they are selfish, strict and close minded. Here you can talk with them at anytime, they are always happy to see you and they are always smiling.”

Question #2: What is your favorite class here and why?

Answer #2: “My favorite class here is Biology, I really love it because Mrs. Weaver is really nice and I can see that she really cares about her students. She is also the Area Representative for the exchange student program so she always asks me if I need any help or if something is bothering me.”

Question #3: What do you miss most about your home?

Answer #3: “I’m going to be honest, I don’t miss the town where I live, the school and my routine. In this moment I don’t want to go back to Italy because I love staying here. Of course, I miss my family and my friends, I’d love to have them here with me to see how it looks like living here.”

If one of these students are spotted, make sure to welcome them!