2020 Empowerment


Phoebe Hughel, Editor

On January 17, 2020, the Empowerment club held their first meeting for the year. What happened during this meeting was discussion on goals that they want to accomplish for the semester as well as New Year’s resolutions. A paper was handed out asking each person to put their accomplishments of 2019 on the back, a goal for 2020, what they will do more of, what they will do less of, and what priorities they have for the year. Many club members were surprised when looking back on all of their accomplishments for 2019.

Some goals for the semester is to hand out cards for Valentine’s Day. Member’s of the club will be at the snack bar during lunch handing out positive messages to remind students to not only give love to others this Valentine’s Day but to give love to themselves. Chloe Shepherd, leader of the Empowerment club states, “My goals for this semester are to continue to help spread positivity and increase involvement in activism. Looking forward, I hope to be able to do one event/activity per month. February will be about positive body image and self acceptance since it’s the month of love.”

Another goal is to have a register to vote drive to help students who are 18 or will be 18 by November to be able to vote. This is important for the younger generations to do because it is a right that American citizens have that not all citizens are lucky to have. Many people believe their vote will not change anything, but if thousands of people have this mindset, then the votes can make a difference!

In the past, the club made positive posters to put around school during their first semester. During the second semester, they  passed out bracelets with positive messages along with bags of candy during tents and tailgates, as well as wrote positive messages in chalk by the school entrances.. There have also been many other accomplishments made apart from these.

If activism and positivity are something of interest stop by and become a member of the club! The club meets every last purple day of the week (Thursday or Friday) in room 126! Anyone is welcome to come!