The Hunger Games

Grace Skaggs , Staff Writer

 A new restaurant that has recently come to Seymour is called Gyros King. It is located in the old Long John Silver’s building. The restaurant first opened on January 1st, and they have a selection of food going from Greek dishes to traditional American dishes. According to TribTown, Angelo Tourloukis, the owner,  will only be staying in Seymour for about 3 to 4 months until the restaurant starts to take off. He said that this is the first location he has opened to have the name Gyros King. It has always been the other way around. He has opened these restaurants in about seven or eight cities in Indiana, and he has been in the restaurant business since 1987. Gyros King is not the only restaurant he owns, he also owns Blueberry Pancake Hill which is located in Indianapolis and other surrounding cities. 


Seymour also has many family owned restaurants.Some of these restaurants are Larrison’s, Mi Casa, Bull Winkles, and Brooklyn Pizza. These restaurants have been open for years, and they are still busy as ever. Larrison’s has been here the longest, first opening up in the 1940’s. They are best known for their burgers and french fries. Brooklyn Pizza is best known for their pizza and stromboli, Mi casa specializes in Mexican food, and Bullwinkles is known for their homemade chips, tenderloins, and the hard serve ice cream that comes from Koveners Korner. 


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