5 Things to do While in Quarantine

5 Things to do While in Quarantine

Avery Ragon, Staff Writer

Believe it or not, there are other things to do besides watching the news and dwelling over COVID-19.  It is rare for everything to stop, and for everyone to get a break from their stressful tasks.  Although it has brought more stress on many, it has also given people the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones.  Try something you have not done before. This is a great time to challenge yourself.

Binge-watch a series

Many have access to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more.  There are great shows on these streaming services, and there is plenty of time to watch them.  The Walking Dead, All American, Grey’s Anatomy, Stranger Things, and Riverdale are some of the best rated shows to binge-watch.  If you don’t have any of these streaming services,  there are still reruns of great shows that are being streamed on TV.

Watch YouTube

YouTube has so many different types of videos. Everyone can find something they like.  There are Youtubers that focus on comedy, beauty, gaming, technology, family, lifestyle, fashion, and more.  Some of the most well-known channels include Dude Perfect, Jenna Marbles,  Marques Brownlee, FunForLuis, and Luxy Hair.

Read a book

Find a book in the house and read it!  It is hard to build up the motivation to read, especially when you don’t enjoy it, but what else is there to do?  If there are no books in your house, there are plenty online.

Go for a walk/run

Although everyone is saying to stay in the house, it won’t hurt to get a little fresh air.  As long as there aren’t many people around, there is nothing wrong with going outside.  If you have a dog, take it for a walk as well.  It is also a great idea to take pets on runs.  Do not let quarantine be an excuse to be lazy. Take advantage of the free time and get in shape.

Spend time with family

While everyone is stuck in the house it is a great time to get to know one another better.  All the things listed above are great things to do with family members.  Do not take this free time for granted.