How to Keep Mentally Healthy During Quarantine

How to Keep Mentally Healthy During Quarantine

Carson Carpenter, Sports Co-Editor

If your quarantine experience has been anything like mine, it’s likely involved a lot of Netflix, Disney +, video games, and whatever else you can find to pass time or keep yourself entertained while stuck in the confining walls of your house after Governor Eric Holcomb’ stay at home order that went into effect Tuesday at Midnight. With the order set to expire on April 6 (this could change based on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak), here are some ways to keep yourself mentally healthy as your locked away in your house for the next two weeks or so.

Take Care of Your Body

Taking care of yourself is key to keeping mentally sound in any aspect of life. This includes but isn’t limited to eating well, hydrating properly, getting adequate sleep, maintaining proper hygiene, exercising, and avoiding drug and alcohol use. Taking care of your body is kind of obvious, but it really does help.

Do Things You Enjoy

Doing things you enjoy may be difficult given the current circumstances. You may enjoy going to the gym or watching a movie with friends and family or something like that. There are alternatives to these though. Try researching some at-home workouts or going on a run, but avoid contact with people if at all possible. For a movie, maybe try picking one out with your family or stream it with friends using a streaming app to watch it together. If those things aren’t for you, try reading a book, playing a board game with your family, listening to music, or even playing with your pet if you have one.

Chat With Family and Friends

Something as simple as speaking to a family member or friend over the phone can improve your mental health. With the stay at home order in effect, you shouldn’t be visiting your relatives or hanging out with your friends. Abstaining from this will surely be difficult as social interaction is so important in our daily lives. Don’t isolate yourself completely, talk on the phone or text with anyone you feel like speaking to. This isn’t a perfect alternative but it’ll at lease help as a major piece of your daily life is missing.

Don’t Let This Take Over Your Life

Lastly, don’t let the situation your in consume your life. Take it seriously yes, but don’t let it dictate your life for the next few weeks. Wash your hands, take care of yourself, and help others in your household. Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories. This also includes taking breaks from social media if needed. Repeatedly hearing about the virus can be really stressful and unsettling. We are in the midst of history and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Please do as your directed by the government for your sake and others’.

With everyone’s lives seemingly being flipped upside down by this global pandemic, it can put you in a difficult place mentally. Trying the things listed above can help keep you mentally sound through this crisis. Please take precaution in what you do, wash your hands, and stay at home, if necessary, to avoid contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus. Keep yourself and your family safe during these times, which will improve in time if we all do our part.