Quarantine Cooking: Mac n’ Cheese Edition

Quarantine Cooking: Mac n' Cheese Edition

Harrison Cottrill, Editor of Arts

I hope you all are staying safe and remaining in your quarantine during this unprecidented time in history. This coronavirus pandemic has been a large slap in the face to the global community and has stunted the ability for some people to obtain the resources they need. Frozen and non-perishable foods have flown off the shelves, and toilet paper will constantly be in short supply. All this being said, my family decided to stock up on Kraft Mac n’ Cheese and boy is it worth it.

Currently on March 27th, 2020 and 13 days into quarantine, I have made seven boxes of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. That number may sound like a lot, but I am a growing boy and need my nourishment to make it through this epidemic. My go-to choice would be the ‘Extra Cheesy’ Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. My method to make it even better is to add butter and milk like the box says, but also add in extra American cheese to make it even cheesier. It is well worth it, trust me on that.

I was recently talking to a co-staff writer, Madison Auleman, and we discovered that Costco sold a 27-pound bucket of mac n’ cheese for $89.99. As avid connoisseurs of mac n’ cheese, instantly we were both excited to try it out. I can tell you that the second we are able to break quarantine, that five gallon bucket of mac n’ cheese will be purchased and eaten.

While on the topic of mac n’ cheese, I want to describe a recent invention of mine. The MacDog. No, it is not owned or sponsored by McDonald’s so don’t get confused. My MacDog consists of a hot dog covered in mac n’ cheese. Now don’t think that you are limited to just mac n’ cheese on a hot dog. I tricked out my MacDog with Cool Ranch Dorito crumbles and a little bit of barbecue sauce. It may sound gross, but don’t knock it until you try it. I’m going to ensconce in my inner Ratatouille and describe it as smoky and creamy with a slightly tangy finish.

I am definitely going to make a bowl of mac n’ cheese right now, and I hope I have convinced you to do the same. Stay safe and God Bless America.