Pranks to Pull While Stuck in Quarantine

Lillie Wessel, Staff Writer

There are so many pranks that you can pull on family members while we are all stuck at home during this crazy time. Pranking can be something to keep you occupied for a bit since we all know that there is nothing to do.

Some of these pranks can include the following:

Stealing all the toilet paper and hiding it somewhere else as we all know people are crazy for toilet paper right now.

You tape the TV remote sensor so that the remote won’t work and they can’t switch the channel.

Switch mayo out with pudding to give them a great surprise of some bad tasting “pudding”.

Switch out family photos with weird pictures off of the internet.

Mix skittles and M&Ms because we all know that it’s such a yummy mixture.

Subscribe one of you family members to a funny mailing list so they get annoyed with multiple funny emails.

Replace the oreo cream with some yummy toothpaste.

Now, have fun pranking all of your family members on this lovely day in quarantine.