April Fools Day Food Pranks

Ellen Zabor, Staff Writer

Although pranks are pulled every day, April Fools Day is the perfect excuse you can use to pull a prank on someone! Whether you pull it on your family or friends, you can always expect a good laugh to follow. Although there are many pranks you can pull, food pranks are especially useful because you can hide nasty ingredients in the food without them knowing until they take a big bit into whatever sneaky item you have planned inside the center. Here are 10 food pranks to pull on this quarantined April Fools Day.

1.) Starting off with a well-know prank, the toothpaste and Oreo prank. This prank is pretty self-explanatory. Take an Oreo cookie and remove the cream that is filled inside and substitute white toothpaste.

2.) Injecting mayonnaise into donuts. It’s as easy as it sounds. Take a zip lock bag and fill mayo inside how you would fill icing into a piping bag. Cut the end of the bag and fill the donuts with a good amount of mayo.

3.) Make “cake” pops with chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts. This one is one of the easiest ones to prepare. Melt any kind of chocolate and cover the Brussels sprouts. Pop them in the freezer to keep them chill.

4.) Cover cleaning sponges with chocolate frosting. Cover sponges in chocolate like you would ice a cake. Present this cake to your family and friends as a chocolate sponge cake.

5.) Make an undrinkable drink. Prepare any color Jell-O and fill it inside a cup someone would put their drink in. Add a straw for a more believable effect.

6.) Replace ice cream with just ice. Crush some ice and fill it into an ice cream container.

7.) Caramel onions. Instead of caramel apples, substitute onion for a bit of a sour taste.

8.) Inject mayonnaise into someone’s toothpaste container. This prank is exactly like the donut-mayonnaise one except fill the mayo inside someone’s toothpaste container instead.

9.) This one is pretty gross. Fill ketchup into a soda bottle and give it to a friend for a nasty surprise.

10.) Spicy brownies. While preparing the brownies, add quite a bit of hot sauce for a spicy effect.

Okay, one last prank. So make it 11 pranks to pull on April Fools Day. Cheerios on a toilet seat. This prank makes for a good scare in the middle of the night. Place cheerios under the toilet seat and wait for someone to use the bathroom. When they sit down the toilet will sound like it is cracking beneath them.