Quarantine feels


Phoebe Hughel, Editor

The definition of quarantine is “impose isolation on (a person, animal, or place); put in quarantine.” Currently Indiana, and most of America, is under quarantine. The students and staff of Seymour High School are struggling with this reality. Prom has been cancelled. Senior dinner has been cancelled. Honor Day will be virtual. Graduation will be virtual. While this does not impact the entire student body, it does affect a majority. Everyone is losing something in their high school experience due to this pandemic, but this will be something that everyone will remember.

Students and faculty are both struggling with isolation from their social life. Some teachers are using Zoom or Skype to call their students and have lessons while some use it to simply see their student’s faces. This is a great way to keep everyone connected and communicating. Students are using things such as FaceTime and other social media to stay connected with their peers.

Seniors are struggling with this especially. There will never be another last day. There will never be another prom. There will never be a normal graduation. They will never walk the halls of Seymour High School as a student again. They will never sit in a class with their friends and teachers. They have to say good-bye before the normal time. Keep these students in your prayers. For 12 years they have worked hard to get to this point, and it is not the normal ending that happens.

This is a difficult time for every one. This is history in the making. It is important to stay connected with our peers, friends, teachers, and family during this rough time. This is a good time to step back from the fast-paced lives that are lived and learn to relax while the opportunity is available. Drink water and eat something daily. Keep hands sanitized and wear a mask when leaving the house. Learn a new hobby. Read that book that has been on the shelf for years. Spend time with family. Do something to keep busy. Remember that this will all eventually end and everything will go back to normal. Keep praying and stay optimistic!