At Home Workouts

At Home Workouts

Avery Ragon, Staff Writer


It is always a good idea to run before your workout. Running can be both mentally and physically challenging, but that is what makes it so beneficial.  Running gives sore muscles time to recover.  Before working out, start with running a mile or so.  It is also beneficial high intensity interval training. This is bursts of intense exercises, and then periods of rest.


Do all of these exercises for 30 seconds.

  1. High Crunches
  2. Knee Touch Crunches
  3. Heel Touches
  4. Slow Bicycle Crunches
  5. Russian Twists
  6. V-ups
  7. Legs To Ceiling Reaching Crunches
  8. Toe Tap Leg Lifts
  9. Large Flutter Kicks
  10. Big Circles Scissor Kicks
  11. Leg Lifts
  12. Leg Up Alternating Toe Crunch
  13. Crunch Kicks
  14. Steady Mountain Climbers
  15. Plank
  16. Right Side Plank Hold
  17. Left Side Plank Hold
  18. Plank
  19. Plank Twists
  20. Spider Climbers


Do 3 sets of 20 for each exercise

  1. Split Squats
  2. Squat Pulses
  3. Squat Jumps
  4. Side Lunge
  5. Scissor Box Jump
  6. Single-Leg Hip Raise
  7. Forward Lunges


Do planks for 30 seconds and 2 sets of 15 for push-ups

  1. Plank Taps
  2. Side Planks
  3. Forearm Plank Reach Out
  4. Push-ups
  5. Incline Push-ups
  6. Lateral Plank


Research shows that there are many benefits to biking. Biking is a low impact so it causes less strain and injuries than other exercises do.  Some other benefits include that it increases muscle strength and flexibility, improves joint mobility, decreases stress levels, strengthens bones, and reduces anxiety and depression. Biking is an easier exercise but can be made more difficult.


In order to get the most out of these exercises, it is important to consume a lot of water. It is recommended to consume 2 liters of water a day. Drinking a lot of water can help with energy levels, brain function helps with mood, reduces headaches, and can help with weight loss.