Dear SHS…A Year Lost


Mallory Moore, Sports Co-Editor

Five days a week, eight classes, around 1500 students, three lunches, two gyms, but ONE FAMILY.

Dear Seymour High School,

I miss you. I never thought I would live to see the day that I would actually miss attending school, but now I have. I never thought I would miss hearing the funny stories and jokes and rolling my eyes inside the walls of your building, but I do.

Looking back to the week before spring break, I never would have thought the crisis happening in Europe and China would affect us. I never dreamed that just a few, short weeks later we would all be confined to our houses, worried about getting a virus. A nightmare turned into reality and it has left me numb. This school year started so quickly and time flew by. Christmas break came in the blink of an eye and now here we are. I miss walking your halls and saying hello to everyone. I miss sitting at your lunch tables, not being able to breathe because of how much I was laughing. I miss trying to shut my locker 5o times because it would not close on the first try. You have brought many long nights and early mornings. You have brought me tears and stress. You have also brought me memories, laughs, and smiles. Many friendships have been made on your campus. Your Friday nights have brought countless games, many pictures and no voice. Your sports have brought me new families, sweat, hard work, and life lessons that will never be forgotten. Your fields and courts have brought many tears and cheers. Your classes have brought me friendships that will last a lifetime. Your halls have brought many trips and falls. You have been my best and worst friend at the same time. Our time is slowly coming to an end but we have 180 full days left. Days that need to count and not to be taken for granted. Days that I am going to look back on in the future and wish I could relive.

Thank you for being the wonderful school you are. Thank you for being filled with such kind-hearted people, eager to teach and some to learn. Thank you for being the school that has raised me into the young adult I am about to become. Thank you for showing that life is not perfect but each situation is what you make it to be. Thank you for helping me realize I should be grateful for an education and to have a school to go to. Thank you for not leaving no matter how much I dislike you. Thank you for everything.

As this year comes to a sudden halt, I have realized to never take anything for granted. I have learned loving yourself is most important. Shockingly, I have also learned school may not be that bad. Here is to one more year at Seymour High School. Here is to the memories going to be made. Here is to the tears and stress that are only going to make me stronger. Here is to the games going to be won and lost. Here is to the future friendships that are going to be forever cherished. Here is to the Class of 2021.