Dear SHS…

Kendrick Sterling, Staff Writer

Dear Seymour High School,

Surprisingly, I miss you (never thought I would say that). I miss my friends, teammates, and even sitting in a classroom and listening to a long lecture. I mean it’s always nice to have a break, but not this long. I would have never thought that a time like this would ever come. Who knew that one day the Coronavirus would take over the world? Not me. It almost seems like this entire thing is a dream.

First, it was academic convocation being canceled. I had this weird feeling inside me that that was only the beginning. It went from limiting the number of people at 250 and then quickly to 10. Now, not too much longer we are being forced to quarantine ourselves and remain a safe distance from each other. That was only a few weeks ago. What will the world be like in the next week? Month? Year? It is all so bizarre.

These past two years have flown by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to figure out how to open my locker and make sure I made it to class on time. Why did you have to end so soon? I still had many things to accomplish like being inducted into the National Honor Society, winning the conference and sectionals in softball, and possibly even the regional championship. You also ruined many memories that still were destined to be made. Since kindergarten, a few of my close friends, my sisters, my dad, and I have always gone to breakfast for the first and last days of every school year. What are we supposed to do now? Even small events like lunches, bus rides with the team, and softball practices, I miss. All of a sudden these somewhat small things that have been taken away, seem to be a lot bigger.

Throughout this time I have come to learn that I should take nothing for granted. People say high school is some of the best times of our lives, and now it’s halfway over. So from now on, I’m going to make the most out of the time I have left.

Well, we have two more years, so let’s make the best of them. Do not even think for a second that you can end like this again. See you next year!