Dear SHS…

Lillie Wessel, Staff Writer

Dear SHS,

I miss you. Never in a million years would I have dreamed ever saying this, but I miss you. I miss not being able to see my friends, I miss being on a daily routine, and I truly just miss what we used to consider normal.

When I left for Alabama the Thursday before spring break, I never expected that to be the last actual school day of my sophomore year. I would do anything to relive that week if I knew that it was going to end this way. When I first heard of the virus back in November, I never imagined that we would be facing it first-hand, but here we all are stuck in our houses. With all this change, things are just different. With this different kind of lifestyle being put into place, I’ve gotten to just sit back and think about all the things that would’ve been different if we had gotten to finish school in the building. Yes, I’m only a sophomore, but it is still taking part in my High School days away. If we were in school I would’ve made more memories with friends. Whether they are bad, good, sad, or whatever still memories that could only be made in High School. Though the coronavirus pandemic is something none of us will ever forget, I’m sure.

With school being out the rest of the year, some traditions are going to be ruined. For as long as I can remember, every first and last day of the school year I have been involved in an annual breakfast with the Sterlings and a few others. With school being canceled, the last day of school breakfast isn’t gonna be a thing this year and that is just really weird to think about.

Thank you, SHS, for everything. Thank you for helping me discover more about myself. Thank you also for all the great teachers you have provided me with over these last 2 school years. They have taught me so much not only about school work, but also just about life. Thank you for the many hours on the soccer field. So many memories have been made on that field and with that team. Thank you for the lifelong friends that you have provided me with over these 2 years. I also apologize for always complaining about school and complaining about being “too busy.” I would do anything to go back to my busy and crazy life. Some of the things that mean the most to me have been taken away and I just want them back.

I have also learned a huge life lesson. Never take anything for granted because you never know when it could all be taken from you. It can literally happen in the blink of an eye as we all just witnessed.

Lillie Wessel