Dear SHS…

Grace Skaggs , Staff Writer

Dear Seymour High School,

There has been a lot that has happened during these past 3 years. I never would’ve thought a virus that started all the way in China would have affected us this bad. I never thought I would be saying this, but I miss going to school. Even after everything that has happened, I never would’ve thought my junior year would’ve gotten cut short. Since this is my last article I will be publishing for The Owl, so here I am about to share a few things that many others and I lost from school getting closed.

This year would’ve been my first year to go to prom. I have looked forward to this year since my freshman year. I had all my appointments set, and I found the perfect dress to wear. My friends and I made plans on things to do together before, and then we would go have the time of our lives at prom. That’s what I was most looking forward to was being able to have fun with them. An email recently got sent out saying that it was canceled for this year, and I was devastated. So, I hope nothing crazy like what’s happening now takes away my last chance to have prom next year.

When people told me that high school would fly by, I didn’t believe them. Well, now as I am finishing my junior year, I think it is crazy that I am about to be a Senior. There are so many things that I need to do before next year. The end of junior year was supposed to get me ready for things, but I lost that and I have to do them all on my own now.

As my junior year comes to an end, I have realized many things. School really isn’t that bad. This year has probably been the hardest year so far for me, but it has helped me in many ways. I have made many friendships over the past 3 years, and people have come and gone out of my life, but those people have made me who I am today. I have made many memories throughout the hallways, and there are too many more that will be made during my last year at Seymour High School.


Grace Skaggs