Dear SHS…

Audrey Wiggam, Staff Writer

Dear SHS,

I miss you. I never would’ve thought that I’d actually miss school, but here I am. I miss classes being in person, seeing my friends every day, and life being normal in general. The last day before Spring Break, my class heard the news that we got an extra two weeks off school and everyone was so excited. Looking back on that day, I am not excited anymore. The two weeks then turned into not coming back to school at all. That week I hung out with my friends for what I didn’t know would be the last time in a while. I never had thought this would ever happen.

Thank you for the memories these past two years. Although this year ended differently than I had planned, I still had a great year. My sophomore year consisted of many great memories including beating Brownstown in the JV volleyball game, many Friday nights under the stadium lights, getting my license, the winter dance, making many new friends, winning the FFA volleyball tournament, and having some of the best teachers I have ever had. Although this year had many great memories, it also had some bad memories including a second knee surgery, two concussions, being sick with a respiratory infection all of ISTEP week, and not getting to participate in my second Unified Track season. Throughout my sophomore year, I had many firsts including my first time driving to school, my first AP class, and my first time going to a school that none of my siblings were at. Through all of these ups and downs of my year, I never thought I wouldn’t be able to finish my second year of high school like normal.

This worldwide pandemic has put a halt on normal life, These past few weeks have just been weird. I can’t go to school, go hang out with my friends, go to Walmart to mess around, or even go to my grandma’s house. I have to stay at home and do all these weeks of school on my Chromebook. I wish I could have finished my sophomore year like normal, but hopefully, my junior year will happen without any problems.

Audrey Wiggam