Dear SHS…

Madison Auleman, Staff Writer

Dear Seymour High School,

As I sit and attempt to write an article that accurately represents my feelings towards high school, I am faced with the realization that I’m not really sure how I feel. Everyone is entitled to her own opinion, but I wish mine was a glowing review of all the things I will dearly miss and all the amazing things I have experienced. This letter is my way of attempting to make sense of all the things I am feeling at the moment.

I remember in middle school I had the mindset that high school was just another barrier to break through before life got better. My father told me that I shouldn’t wish my life away. He said, “It goes faster than what you realize.” I should have listened. Now that senior year is just around the corner, I fear inevitable adulthood approaching. If I could go back to freshman year and cherish every moment, I would. Even the really sucky ones that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
This is because the sucky moments are the ones that made me, me.
I joined my peers in the SHS hallways with the idea that I wouldn’t gain a sentimental attachment to the hallways, teachers, or classrooms. The only thing I ever truly became involved in was band, and I am grateful for the experiences that I shared with my friends while in our band uniforms. Unfortunately, I didn’t find my love for the band until this year, when I stopped focusing on the negative and realized how amazing it was for a school to be blessed with such a large group of dedicated band students. I would go back and appreciate each and every band camp, each rehearsal, and each piece of music. This is the one attachment I feel I did make.
High school was a time where I had to deal with the loss of my dad during my sophomore year, where I was comforted in the arms of my peers, friends, and teachers. Seymour High School wasn’t necessarily somewhere I wanted to be after it happened, but my return to school was easier than anticipated. During that time SHS was a place where I could go where there were people who understood. I remember when my friend had my English class write me notes while I was still home. I remember weeping while reading the kind words and beautiful stories that my classmates and teacher had shared with me. SHS was the home that all of us shared, and I was honored to share a home with such amazing people.
This past year I had to miss school yet again for the unexpected heart trouble that my mom faced during the first semester. Yet again, SHS was a warm and welcome place to return to after weeks of being gone. I may not be sad for the loss of a sport, and I may not miss a ton of people or teachers, but I do weep for the shortened time I had in a place where I was loved during very difficult times. I can’t say that I miss the cafeteria food or the people that walk too slowly in the hallways, but I do miss the random smiles in the halls that brightened my day, or the silly moments in class where we could all join in on some laughter.
As I go into my senior year, I will remember to stop and smell the roses even during the difficult times when I’m ready to graduate. I will remember to cherish each band moment. I will remember to smile even when it’s hard because I will never know what someone is going through. I will remember to love the home that was built for not just me, but also tons of other students. Thank you, SHS, for your love and support.
Madison Auleman