Haunted Hoosier Legends: Part One

Haunted Hoosier Legends: Part One

Kayla Moriarty, Contributor

This week marked the very first week of September, which means that spooky season is right around the corner. Indiana has a haunted history with urban legends that have been told all throughout the state. Here are some of the most hair-raising, haunted Hoosier stories:

                                                                     Stiffy Green of Terre Haute:

According to legend, Stiffy Green was a real bulldog whose owner died in 1921. Stiffy became extremely lonely and wandered off to the cemetery where his beloved owner was laid to rest. He would specifically go straight to his deceased owner’s grave and howl at it. He did this every single day and night hoping that his loved one would come back to him. Unfortunately, Stiffy Green was found dead on the Mausoleum steps, and out of respect he was buried in the same tomb as his owner. Locals report that they have seen the apparition of a dog-like creature roaming around the cemetery at night. Others state that they have seen the owner taking Stiffy for a walk and then they just disappear. On one fateful day in the 1980s, someone shot a gun in the cemetery and damaged part of Stiffy’s head and one of his eyes. Stiffy’s family removed him from the tomb and gave him to the Historical Society, where he still resides to this very day.

Sources: “Hoosier Folk Legends”, written by Ronald L. Baker