Lady Owls Soccer Team Defeats Scottsburg Warriorettes


Camryn Sterling, Staff Writer

The Lady Owls soccer team added another win against the Scottsburg Warriorettes, Thursday, August 27th. 

Alyssa Perry started the game off with a cross, finished by Lillie Wessel. The score shifted to 1-0. The Owls kept Scottsburg on their toes as they possessed and controlled most of the game. Shortly after the first goal, the team broke loose. Lillie Wessel (3), Alyssa Perry (2), and Haley Westfall (1) each collected goals totaling the score to 6-0. 

The assists from Haley Westfall, Alyssa Perry, Addi Chandler, Kylee Nowling, and Ellie Cornn and the two saves from Ellen Zabor and Jessica Hougland secured the win for the Lady Owls.

When being interviewed by The Tribune, Coach Greg Musser stated, “ ‘Very mature performance tonight from our girls. We saw a lot of things on the field we’ve been working on in practice. It is always great when that happens. We played as a team from start to finish tonight, and I love how much our girls care about each other on the pitch.’ ” 

With an organized performance from the Lady Owls, the team bounced back after a tough and competitive loss against Columbus North.

The Lady Owls (3-1)look to secure a win against South Dearborn on Saturday, September 5.