Mental Health vs. School

Tips and tricks for managing your mental health when it comes to school.


Kayla Moriarty, Contributor

School is extremely overwhelming for any student. You have to balance your social and academic life, and it sometimes feels like a huge tidal wave has trapped you. Although you cannot just fix everything with the snap of your fingers, there are ways to manage different areas of your life.

  • Stay Organized – I can guarantee you that high school goes by so much smoother if you keep your classwork, time, etc. organized. I’m not saying it is a quick fix to anyone’s mental health, but it sure does help make balancing tasks less difficult. I recommend keeping a different notebook or folder for each individual class. This makes finding your schoolwork a breeze.
  • Time Management- When it comes to time management, a lot of students find it difficult to master it. The key is to have a distinct plan for what you would like to carry out that particular day. Time management is universal. It can apply to your work, school, social life, and any other activities in your daily life.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – I absolutely despise asking other people to help me. This is generally just because I like to be independent. However, there are times when everybody needs help. Whether you need help with your mental health, schoolwork, etc. that does not make you less smart or less independent.
  • Take Tasks One Step At a Time- Multitasking with multiple forms of classwork normally never goes as planned. You cannot expect yourself to retain any form of information that way. Baby Steps typically make matters simpler and less overwhelming. The convenient feature of high school is that you have different classes every single day. For example, if you have a really hard math worksheet that is due the next day and a vocabulary worksheet that is due the day after that, than you should do the math worksheet.
  • Mental Health Days Are Perfectly Acceptable – A mental health day is a planned day where you stay home to take care of yourself and rejuvenate, so to speak. Just make sure you are up to date on your work before going back to school.
  • Create a study group – This one is subjective for different individuals because some prefer working alone. If you feel you can achieve more in a group of people working together, than you should try to create a study group.