Haunted Hoosier Legends Part Three

Haunted Hoosier Legends Part Three

Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

In the small town of Tunnelton, with only a population of 125, there lies a tunnel surrounded with eerie tales. The tunnel was built for trains in the mid-1800s, and it has been rumored that paranormal activity dwells there. Some report the apparition as a man with a decapitated head, standing in the tunnel. Others hear screams and quiet voices. One of the legends is that there used to be a graveyard atop the tunnel, and when construction happened, the bodies fell through to the tunnel. The beheaded ghoul is said to be one of those bodies that wanders through the tunnel with a lantern in one hand and a decapitated head in the other. Another legend that locals share is that a family was killed there when their horse and buggy crashed into the river. However, the most common one told is about Henry Dixon. Dixon, a night watchman for the tunnel, was tragically murdered in 1908. Whether or not he haunts the tunnel varies from person to person, but his death is documented.

I visited Tunnelton not too long ago in a group of three. We went during the day, but looking back on it we probably would have seen more activity if we would have gone at night. The drive there was scary in itself because Tunnelton is far from easy to get to. However, locals are more than willing to give visitors pointers and directions, and we found it eventually. There is a steep hill leading to the tunnel that is moderately challenging to climb, and then thrill-seekers approach a small hill. Traveling down the hill, the tunnel will be on the right. I personally did not feel too freaked out by the tunnel. The drive there I was anxious, but I did not find anything too terrifying. I did hear some strange noises in the tunnel, and I did not get the chance to explore the entire tunnel. Scientifically, the strange noises could have been from the other group that was exploring the other end of the tunnel. I just assumed it was them. There was a small door/corridor in the tunnel that struck my interest. I definitely feel like both exploring groups were not alone. I do not think Tunnelton is as paranormally active as some claim it to be, but I do plan on returning at night or going further into the tunnel.