Stage 5: What That Means for Indiana


Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

 Recently, Governor Holcomb announced that Indiana is in stage 5 of the back on track plan. The chart pictured shows how our cases per day have been decreasing since late August, hence the governor’s decision to move things along. Stage 5 is the most hopeful stage, in my opinion. With stage 5, venues can open to full capacity, social gatherings may increase, and things get to be a step towards normal. However, face coverings will still be required, and it is unknown as to when the mandate will end. With the way our numbers are decreasing, wearing a face mask is obviously effective, so we could be wearing them until a vaccine is readily available to the public.  Nursing homes may allow visitations, and so can hospitals. At Seymour High school, tables are now allowed to seat four people, and there is more information about that from Mr. Reasoner. Gyms and fitness centers may now open, however indoor gyms require facial coverings. With all of these restrictions being lifted, social distancing is still required at most indoor facilities. This is a great step to normality, and it will continue if every Hoosier does their part in social distancing.