An Interview with Greg Hager: The Director of Willard Library


Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

Built in 1877, the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana still stands and functions the same it did a hundred years ago. However, this library is known for something other than just books: the paranormal. Many reports of apparitions appearing in stairwells, whispers echoing in the halls, and episodes of malfunctioning technology have led some to believe that spirits reside there. In fact, the first sighting was in the 1930s by the library’s custodian according to the Willard Library site.

Greg Hager has worked at the Willard Library for 27 years as the director. His experience in working in libraries totals 37 years. “Have you ever seen what you have thought to be paranormal activity in the library,” I asked Mr. Hager. He responded “Anybody who works here can tell you about strange energy days–electrical problems, and things seeming slightly off.” Greg claims that he has never actually seen a ghost, but the strange events occurring daily lead him to believe that there is definitely activity at the Willard Library: “There was a paranormal investigative team here last year that used an SLR camera in one of the most high-activity spots.” The photo they took that day could send a chill down anyone’s spine. Greg adds, “It clearly showed a child-sized body actively playing with the doll house in the Children’s Department. Curious, I asked if there was any historical event that could explain who the child could be. Mr. Hager responded, “No, many people have seen various different spirits, including multiple children, a woman infamously thought to be the Grey Lady, and even a ghost cat.”

He shared a final eerie story. One night, the staff turned off all of the lights to prepare for closing. Even though the lights had already been turned off for the night on the second floor, when setting the alarm, staff had to come back in again to turn off all of the lights. Simultaneously, someone watching the library cameras captured the photo featured in this article of a woman in the stairwell. Many believe this to be the “Grey Lady,” and even note that she appears to be holding a book. With all of the stories and photos, it’s hard to not believe that this place is definitely haunted. Whether or not you see any ghostly apparitions roaming down the halls, the Willard Library is definitely worth a visit.