Season Preview: Lady Owls Basketball


Kendrick Sterling, Staff Writer

The Seymour Lady Owls basketball team is excited for the new season! With one game under their belt already, they know what they need to improve on and are anticipating the season ahead! I got the chance to speak with the three seniors on the team: Grace Meyer, Alyssa Perry, and Jamya Miller. We go to discuss their thoughts on the year ahead and how workouts have been up this point.

The team is trying to clean up a few parts of the game that could affect the outcome of the game. When I asked Grace what she feels the team needs to improve on in order to have a more successful season she said, “I think the one aspect of the game that the team is trying to improve on right now is our turnovers. They really cost us some games last year, and we really need to cut back on them and be strong with the ball.” Grace feels very optimistic about the season saying, “I feel this season we could have some real success if we execute. Last season there was a lot of tug and pull to get everyone to buy in, but I think this year we won’t have to do that. Everyone wants to win and be successful, and we definitely have the talent to win some really big games and even a sectional. It should be a really great year if the current pandemic does not cut our season short; we should be a very fun team to watch!”

Alyssa had some similar thoughts on what the team needs to improve on. When asked about the improvements she really emphasized the defensive aspect of the game stating, “This season, we are definitely trying to improve our defense. I can already see the girls buying into what the coaches have to say to us about what needs to get better defensively, and I’m excited to see it come together during our season. We’re also trying to improve our turnovers because our turnovers last year were a big factor in our losses. Once these two factors are fixed and everyone completely buys into the process, I’m excited to see what this team is capable of this year!” Also, with there being no summer workouts this year, the team has had to learn a lot in a short amount of time as well as get to know each other better. Alyssa said, “Even though we didn’t have any official summer ‘workouts’ where we got together to get better, we got up shots on our own time. Coach Longmeier gave us a workout to complete that involved some basketball skills as well as a conditioning part. We all did our part to stay in shape without coming together officially.”

Jamya feels the same way about preseason workouts stating, “The preseason workouts are going well so far. We have been getting a lot of conditioning in so we can be ready to go for season!”

The Lady Owls are very excited for this season!!! Catch them in action this Friday, November 13th, at home, and Saturday, November 14th, on the road at Greenwood!