Freshman Fears

Kiley Sons, Staff Writer

Everyone  experiences some fears their freshman year. Now as the class of 2024 enters its freshman year the experience is very different, than when the upperclassman entered. Instead of worrying about making new friends and hanging out with them, they were concerned about being too close to people and getting Covid-19. Delaney Thomasma shares her experience.

“I really didn’t have a lot of fears. I was only scared about getting lost. With my sister being a year older than me, I already knew some of her friends and had been to the school a few times. Being on the volleyball team, I knew all the girls and I knew they would be able to help me with anything that I needed.”

Delaney’s siblings have all gone to the high school and now Caitlin, is able to help her through her fear of getting lost. Her siblings are also able to help her navigate the school just by being at home, once students have gone to the school for four years students tend to learn the school like the back of their hands.

“My sister Caitlin and her friends were a huge help when trying to find my classes. Katie Otte, whom I have a class with, was able to help me since I came to school two weeks late because of quarantine.”

When starting high school it can be scary but has more now because of Covid-19. Students never know when they might come in contact with someone who Covid-19 and will have to leave school for two weeks or even start school late. Starting school late can make students feel like they are missing out on what is happening and how to get to their classes.

What was your impression of upperclassmen?

“They can be a little imitating, but for the most part they are nice and are willing to help. I have many upperclassmen friends and that helps you meet new people.”

Many freshman come to high school thinking that upperclassmen are scary and are mean but in reality they are nice and very willing to help. Upperclassmen can be some of the greatest friends that freshman might have.

How do High school classes compare to middle school classes?

” There is definitely a lot more homework then what I got last year. Classes are a lot longer sometimes I find myself falling asleep during class because it can just get to long. Spanish class is definitely one of my hardest classes, i find myself struggling in Spanish quite often.”

High school classes can get long and involved it just takes time getting used to. They way to get through a high school class is to find a way to stay awake that may be getting up and just walking to the bathroom or maybe even finding a friend to talk to quietly once the teacher is done talking. If a student finds them self struggling in a class maybe find an upperclassmen that has took that class and ask them for help or if there is a friend in another class then maybe ask them for help.

What were you nervous about?

“I was mostly nervous about that it was going to be difficult and that I would never have time to do anything else.”

High school can be overwhelming there just needs needs to be a balance between school work and having fun. What is high school if you are stuck inside all the time doing homework, go out have fun with your friends.

Were you afraid of making new friends?

“No, I talk to people and make new friends easily. I have never been one to shy away from people I will come talk to you and get to know you and who knows we might end up being best friends.”

High school is all about making new friends and not being scared to talk to someone. Some of the greatest friends met in high school and are still friends 40 years later.

What were you most afraid of?

“Getting lost! I was afraid that I was gonna get lost and not make it to my next class on time.”

Getting lost is a fear for many people not only freshman sometimes students are just walking to class and forget where their at. If you are late to class there could be consequences that no one wants. No one wants to stay after school on Wednesdays just to serve a detention or stay in the office during the lunch just because they got lost.

Many freshman are going through these fears and some might be having a hard time dealing with it. Make sure to check up on your friends every once and awhile to make sure they are doing good and aren’t too stressed out with Spanish class.