Taking a Look at SHS Owlrageous Radio

Whether it be during a jam sesh with friends or a weekend party, nearly every Seymourian has listened to the 96.3 WJAA rock radio station. As well as playing classic rock hits, the station also hosts Seymour High School’s segment, called Owlrageous Radio. Every two years, three SHS juniors are selected to become hosts until they graduate. This year’s hosts are Zac Dubois, Katie Deppen, and Casey Regruth.

Zac Dubois is the segment’s music junkie. He handles the music selection and gives important background info on songs as they come on. The junior has also taken the lead on learning the ins and outs of the new computer system at 96.3, which has been crucial to Owlrageous Radio’s success.

Dubois has thoroughly enjoyed his experience on the radio so far, saying, “It’s been really fun. It gives me something to look forward to on a gloomy Monday.”

Katie Deppen, the lone girl on the Owlrageous squad, handles the SHS Straight A report, a celebration of Seymour’s hardworking students. Deppen conducts weekly interviews with students and then highlights their focus and work ethic on live radio.

When asked about her favorite aspect of the show, Deppen said, “I enjoy being able to talk and have engaging conversations. I also love wowing the listeners with my terrible dad jokes.”

Owlrageous Radio’s third host is Casey Regruth. A lover of athletics, Regruth is the sports guy, giving updates on any Seymour High School sporting events. His duties do not stop there, however. Regruth is also known for his weekly updates of the school cafeteria food, giving his honest feedback on the SHS cuisine.

“It’s incredibly fun,” Regruth mused. “I get to spend an hour a day doing what I do best, talk.”

If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining escape on a Monday evening, be sure to tune in to Owlrageous Radio. The show is on the air from 7-8 on 96.3 WJAA Total Rock Radio.