My Hero Academia: Rating the Blondes


Ally Leinart, Staff Writer

Anime is a hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. From comedy to futuristic genres, most can find an anime that they like or can relate to. My Hero Academia follows the high school years of Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless boy who wants to become a hero. Faced with villains and the typical high school drama, Midoriya and his classmates must learn what it really means to be a hero. I have made a list, ranking the blondes of the series in the order I believe they deserve.

#10: Neito Monoma

Monoma is one of the few I genuinely do not like in the anime. With his cocky attitude and over sized ego, he is at the bottom of this list.

#9: Yuga Aoyama

Cheese loving, French boy Aoyama isn’t one of my personal favorites, but he brings confusion and weirdness to the table. One can always find him staring straight at the camera, breaking the fourth wall. 

#8: Mashirao Ojiro

Fluffy tail and laid back attitude, Ojiro is one I wish was real, so I could be like Kamanari and pet his tail. Again not one of my favorites, but I can appreciate Ojiro.

#7: All Might

The symbol of peace, “I AM HERE!” hero, who is now retired, has brought joy and sadness to many. Helping Deku become a great hero and his can-do personality put him at #7.

#6: Mirio Togata

One of The Big Three, Mirio, even after losing his quirk, still wants to become a hero and save the world. Taking Eri under his wing shows he cares about others.

#5: Hawks

And here we have Keigo Tamaki, the chicken loving, human bird. His personality and food tastes are what put Hawks in the middle of the list.

#4: Katsuki Bakugou

The angry pomeranian is, of course, at fourth. His anger issues and constant yelling prevent him from being higher on this list. The boom boom boi needs some anger management classes and maybe a hug. 

#3: Himiko Toga

My favorite female and one of my favorite villains, Toga, brings cuteness and youthfulness to the LOV. Still, she could cut down on the Deku obsession. 

#2: Present Mic

The loudest blonde in the show, Mic, is fun-loving and loves to bother Eraserhead. That is a trait anyone can enjoy. 

#1: Denki        

And last but not least, the IRL Pikachu. Denki is, by far, my favorite character. That is mostly the reason he is first on this list. 


Watching this anime twice now and reading the manga, has helped me bond with my brother and friends. This anime brought me both joy, sadness, and also got me into anime. Thank you for reading my article! Please comment or email me at [email protected] for what you want to see next.