2020 experience

Kiley Sons, Staff Writer

2020 has been a difficult year for many and everyday has come with new challenges. The beginning of the year in January and February it was a normal year Corona virus was just something that was happening in China. By March the world was being shut down and everyone thought the world was ending because this generation has never experienced anything like Covid-19. In March we all left school and never returned to finish our school year. This year has been so different I experienced my 15th birthday over Zoom with my family member just so everyone was safe. Who would have ever thought that there would be a toilet paper shortage through out the entire country. Going out now without a mask feels awkward sometimes because you never know if someone is judging you or is scared that you might have Covid and that you are too close to them. No one would have ever guessed that masks would be the new normal for everyone.

The hardest part throughout the whole pandemic is having family members in hospitals and in the nursing homes and you can’t even see them. This generation is getting smart with ways to see loved ones with window visits and face time. Many doctors believe that Covid wont be the death of loved ones but that Covid isolation will be the hardest part. Seeing family member has been a rare occurrence families don’t want to expose their loved ones but we also want to hug them and see them in person.