A Year Full of Challenges


Camryn Sterling, Staff Writer

2020. What a year. It all started the Friday before Spring break. I remember sitting in Geometry class when I got the news that our Spring break would be extended by two weeks. I immediately thought, “Yes! An extra long Spring Break!” But little did I know how much this illness would affect my country, community, friends, and my family.

As the two weeks came close to ending, the school corporation extended the time into a few more weeks. I remember how bored and miserable I was just by being home all the time. Although I was with my family almost 24/7, I quickly got tired of seeing them (No offense, you guys are awesome). The few weeks turned into months and eventually, the school year was coming to an end.

The year 2020 has brought me a lot of uncertainty, mental road blocks, and physical challenges. For example, 2020 shortened my summer soccer training, which resulted in an ACL injury that would put me out for six months for recovery. But honestly, I think this injury was one of the best things that has happened to me this year. I learned how to become a better leader on the soccer field and best of all, I helped lead Seymour High School to a Conference Championship for the first time in many years. 2020 has taught me to appreciate the little things, learn new hobbies, and take a step back and focus on what was really important. The year 2020 also taught me to persevere.  COVID-19 cancelled what was to be a very successful high school softball season. This affected my mental game a ton. High school softball was good for my mental game because I was able to prepare myself for what I was going to experience in the summer. Travel ball season. Where we play some of the best teams in the nation. I slowly began to lose confidence in myself as the year continued. After my ACL injury, I continued to think about my dream of playing college softball, but I pushed as hard as I could to be the best person, teammate, and player I could be and I am so excited to be playing college softball at Iowa Western Community College!

This year has been anything but normal. Although many don’t believe it now, 2020 impacted our lives for better and for worse. I never knew how much I took advantage of, such as breathing fresh air. With no restrictions. Now, everywhere I turn, there are masks.

God gave us this year to keep us in check. To discover who we really are and who we will become. Despite all of the negatives 2020 has brought, I am grateful for the challenges that I have faced. I realize that there is nothing I can’t handle. As I reflect on this past year, I am proud of the person I have become and I am proud of the person I will become.