Fight Like A Princess

Grace Beach, Staff Writer

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On April 28, 2017, 11 month old Kinley Lynn Tormoehlen, a child in the Jackson County community, was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor. Wilm’s Tumor is a type of childhood tumor where a large mass grows off of the kidney. Many in the community have been coming together to support the family in their struggles. Her parents, Shane and Katie Tormoehlen were told that Kinley’s cancer was about the size of a softball and had spread from her kidney to her lungs. Kinley was originally supposed to have 31-36 weeks of chemo, but due to the aggression of the cancer and a positive LOH (loss of heterozygosity) gene result, the chemo has been extended by several weeks.

On May 1, Kinley underwent a 4.5 hour surgery where doctors were able to remove the mass from her kidney completely as well as her right kidney itself. Doctors at Riley Hospital told Shane and Katie it would be better to not try and remove the spots on her lungs, but to try and kill the cancer cells through chemo.

On May 9th, Kinley stated undergoing chemo treatments, and it was learned from the biopsy of the tumor that her Wilm’s was stage 4 and the cancer had spread not only to her lungs, but her lymph nodes as well.

On May 19th, the young girl began going to a radiologist at the IU cancer center to do daily radiation treatments.

On June 14, Kinley was admitted to Riley for a high fever and low blood counts. After some morphine and a blood transfusion, she was feeling better. Unfortunately, on June 16, Kinley’s blood results came back saying she had a bacterial infection.

The campaign to support Kinley is referred to as “Fight Like A Princess” or “Kinley Lynn Will Win”.

Several benefit events have been organized to help support the 1 year old Vallonia girl. The most recent of which was a James Dupre concert in Heritage Park on September 1st. Even with the cold rain and a bit of flooding, it was a great time with friends and family supporting Kinley and her family.

More updates and coverage of Kinley and her story will appear here, including interviews with her family!