SHS’s New Club Initiative

We need your help to make our school a fun place to be for everyone.


Caley Monnier, Staff Writer

As the 2021-2022 school year starts, both students and teachers are begging the question:

How do we get people excited to come back to school?

School felt more like a back burner task than a priority last year as a result of such an unpredictable schedule. From hybrid learning, e-learning days, to months of fully virtual classes, it’s hard to get students excited for a normal school year.

One way the school is trying to combat this is by making more extracurricular activities and clubs available to the student body. The Seymour Owl would like your help to drive this new initiative. We need your feedback as students to help better our school.

A Google Form will be sent out to everyone by e-mail asking questions about any clubs or activities you would like us to offer here at SHS. Don’t leave anything out, as we want a full scope of the interest of our student body.

Please make sure to check your email soon!