What does it mean to be Rich?


Zoe Leigh, Staff Writer

What do YOU consider as a fulfilled and successful life?

I can almost guarantee that the first thing that comes to most people’s mind would be to be rich.

Now define rich for me.

‘having a lot of money’ – probably the most common answer.

But as you earn more money you are going to have more expensive demands and spending most of that money.

‘okay then, you save the money’ 

But if you save it, then what are you saving for? A big house to feel lonely in?

To me being rich is being able to fill your needs and having the ability to do things that make you feel happy, whether that is having the ability to go out with your friends or spoil your possible new family .

A perfect example in my mind is a story that someone very close to me told me when he asked me the same question “What do you consider a full filled and successful life?”

A friend of his had good money; he owned many hotels around the USA and by definition was very successful and rich. He and his wife lived in these luxurious hotels instead of owning their own home; his children were all taken care, financially, and he had a surplus of money. However, he has very detached from his family, and he had no place that he called home. His wife fell very ill recently, but they didn’t have health insurance. The husband waited until his wife nearly died before paying for medical treatments. Just because he didn’t want to “waste” money.

Now tell me, what is the point of being financially rich if you don’t live a fulfilled life, if you don’t use the money to bring yourself and your family happiness.

Gandhi once said,True happiness brings more happiness then all the money in the world.”

What do YOU consider a fulfilled and successful life and what can YOU do to help you get there, starting now?

“Richness without happiness is not a real richness”– Mehmet Murat Ildan