The Haunting of French Lick Springs Resort

photo taken by Lee Weaver

photo taken by Lee Weaver

Kayla Moriarty, Feature Editor

French Lick, Indiana is home to a beautifully captivating resort, attached to countless ghost sightings and stories from guests. The staff even recall disembodied voices, strange phone calls from unoccupied rooms, and shadowy figures that roam the halls. The most common ghost sighted is believed to be the first owner, Thomas Taggart.

Thomas Taggart & History

Thomas Taggart was an influential politician in Indiana during the twentieth century. He happened to be elected the mayor of Indianapolis and other political positions at one time. His family came to the United States from Ireland when he was a young child. Taggart was financially advanced and made many investments into the state of Indiana. One of his investments included the French Lick Springs Hotel. He transformed the small, quaint hotel into a flourishing, energetic spa and casino resort for the wealthy. His gambling business was illegal during the time, but he eradicated legal punishment by denying his involvement with gambling. His attachment to the hotel could explain why his ghost is supposedly seen from time to time. Guests have seen what appears to resemble him in the service elevator, during busy times, and on the sixth floor. He is believed to stop in rooms, and check the elevator repeatedly. Many speculate that nothing changed for him after his passing, and he is still trying to take care of the hotel. 

Other Hauntings

There are numerous stories about a “bell-hop” that is very prominent in the hotel. There is a picture in the hotel of the head bell-hop, and many believe the ghost to be him. Some report this figure walking down the hallway fast, as if there was something to be done. According to, their investigative team spotted this presence. Their self-claimed medium, Lee Weaver, felt the strong importance of the bell-hop stand and stood by it, snapping some pictures. One of the pictures could send a chill down anyone’s spine. A young man in a uniform is standing by the dollies as if he is waiting to assist someone with their luggage. In the photo, there is also a well-defined orb in the hallway. There are various stories about suicide in one of the bathtubs. Some claim it is Taggart’s daughter, a bride, or a guest. Housekeepers find red stains in the bathtub when the room is vacant. Historically speaking, there have been numerous deaths within the hotel. Charlie Skaggs worked at the hotel in the ’70s and was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft. He is said to be responsive and friendly through communication by EVPs and other devices. Supposedly, police officers visited the hotel and left a note that said, “tell Charlie we said hello,” when there was no one working at the hotel by that name at the time. A gambler brought his money back to his room and was mugged, then killed. He is said to be seen near his room, looking for the money. A previous worker on a review advises guests to never stay on the sixth or seventh floor. She said she would put something in between the elevator doors so it wouldn’t shut, and she could quickly get back in after she was done working. She recalls a man in a black suit following her down the halls, and a lady in white standing over the foot of the beds. She, along with others, reported the lights flickering when she was alone. Even if you are a skeptic of paranormal activity, the resort is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit. 




French Lick Springs Hotel

French Lick Springs Hotel, French Lick, IN