Elise Hartung, Staff Writer

With October 5 came a tough loss for the Seymour Lady Owls soccer team. The sectional draw pitted them against the New Albany Bulldogs in the first round of sectionals. Although they had lost 0-4 to New Albany earlier in the season, the team was confident they could win this time.

There were many, many shots on goal from Seymour in the first half, but none of them were lucky enough to pass New Albany’s keeper. New Albany had a few shots, but they were only dangerous in the first five minutes until Seymour regained their senses and counterattacked. The second half was much the same, with New Albany getting most of their shots on goal in the first few minutes. However, unlike the first half, New Albany became a threat in the final minutes of the game because neither team had managed to score a shot.

Eventually the clock ran out with a score of 0-0. The teams were given a short rest time before retaking the field for two seven minute overtime periods. The first seven minutes passed without a goal, but the second one did not. New Albany managed to slip one past Seymour’s keeper in the last three minutes.

The lone goal came from a weak shot outside Seymour’s eighteen yard goal box. The ball sailed a foot or so off the ground before bouncing and skidding on a patch of mud just underneath the goalie’s hands. Seymour responded to this with a renewed vigor to score, but even with a formation change they were unsuccessful.

The loss was heartbreaking, but the Lady Owls were able to walk off the field knowing they had given their final game everything they had.