Boys Basketball: Exciting New Start

Drew Henry Handloser

For the past few years the Owls haven’t really been known for their skills on the basketball court. But this year the Owls seem to want to break that and get the respect they deserve.

The team consist of 10 determined players hungry for a sectional championship. The boys started out hot as they won their first two games, then losing an overtime battle to Brownstown. The classmates, parents, teachers, and family of the team have nothing to be ashamed of when they watch the Owls play.

The whole environment of the basketball games is enough to make the team have enough energy to come back from any point deficit. The players start and end with the same amount of energy and leave everything they have in the tank out on the court.

The Student Section loves to help the team get pumped up and help out the team any way they can. From the chants to distracting the other team during free-throws, the student section never fails to bring the excitement to the game.

From the Student Section, to the team, to having almost no games last year. It is safe to say that this season is one many students won’t forget.