Online Drivers Ed

As soon as Freshman turn 15, the first thing them/their parents want to do is bring them to the DMV. There the newly-turned 15 year old will take a drivers test to get their permit.

Now that they finally passed the test. They will have to take a picture without glasses, and their hair not covering their forehead.

After passing the test and taking the picture, they will get a paper version of their permit that they just put their time and effort into.

Days/weeks after all of that, they will get their hard copy of their permit. Now this new driver can hit the road and be free, but no. First you have to get 50 hours of driving with a family member above the age of 21. 40 day and 10 night.

Now that they have passed your test, take the picture, gotten your permit, and get your 50 hours in, you still aren’t done. On top of all of that, you have to do five different drives with your drivers ed instructor. Then after all of your drives, you have to pass your new driving test with that instructor.

NOW that they have passed the learners test, taken the picture, gotten the permit, get 50 hours in, get five drives in, and pass the drivers test, they are done. BUT WAIT they have not done 30 hours of ONLINE DRIVERS ED. 30 hours that will feel like 60 while they are waiting 24 minutes just to go to the next section to wait 10 more.

The whole process of getting your license when you turn 16 looks a lot more time consuming when written down. Especially when they try to do online drivers ed and realize how terrible and boring it is.

Is all of this time for your drivers license worth it?