Stevie SeDAM


Elise Hartung and Abram Yee/Guest Writer, Staff Writer

In February 2022, Stevie Sedam was accepted into the state’s highest honor band for high schoolers: All State Honor Band. Only the best students from schools across Indiana audition for the All State Band, only in hopes of being a part of the program. But Stevie played her way right into the All State Honor Band, an honor very few students get to have. The All State Band and Honor Band spend a weekend practicing, rehearsing and performing with some of the best students and conductors in the state of Indiana. Unfortunately, the weekend of the event, Stevie got sick and had to come home early.

Elise: What did you think of the audition excerpts?

Stevie: They were fun. There was a technical one, a lyrical one, and a chromatic scale. I’ve done the chromatic scale since freshman year, so it was fine, and one was really similar to my solo, so I was happy about that. The last one I didn’t work on for two weeks because I forgot about it, but it turned out okay.

Elise: Did you think you would get selected?

Stevie: Well, I didn’t initially realize there was all-state band and an all-state honor band, so I was a little sad when I was given third part. Then I realized I made the all-state honor band, and it was really cool because I beat twenty-one other clarinets. Most of them have had lessons since 6th grade, and I only started in November, so I was really proud.

Elise: Are you excited to play in the honor band?

Stevie: Yeah, it seems like it will be less stressful because I have got third part, so it’s like a low brass part. It’ll be nice because though it’s almost twenty-four hours of playing, but we will get time to talk and socialize afterwards. We start on Friday, play nine to nine on Saturday, and perform Sunday.

Elise: How long have you played the clarinet?

Stevie: I’ve played since 6th grade, so about seven years.

Elise: Can you play any other instruments?

Stevie: I play trombone and tenor saxophone for jazz band, and I used to play the bass guitar. Oh, I also own probably seven ukuleles and am really bad at playing the normal guitar.

Elise: Are you going to play clarinet in college, whether in a marching band or concert band?

Stevie: I actually auditioned for Ball State two Saturdays ago, and it went pretty well. It was really nice, and I think I might be required to do marching band, but I will definitely do concert band.

Abram: Do you hope to teach at Seymour?

Stevie: With the teaching laws they’re passing in Indiana, I don’t know. It’s definitely a possibility, but it just depends on the teaching standards when I graduate.

Elise: Well, thanks so much for talking to us! Best of luck to you in the future.