Breaking ground at SHS

Breaking ground at SHS

Harrison Wetzel and Katie Cottrill

On March 22nd, Seymour High School broke ground on its $52 million dollar building project.. For six years Seymour’s superintendent Mr. Brandon Harpe and board members have been working on what some would call an epic project.

The renovation and addition will feature a brand new cafeteria, an array of new classrooms, new choir and band rooms, and a plethora of new additions. Seymour can feel the excitement buzzing around students’ curiosity. Greg Prange believed this felt like watching his baby grow up: “I’ve been working here for so long. I’ve seen the phases happen. I can recall back to the 90’s when the 300 building was added on, and at the time it didn’t feel real. So, in comparison this feels amazing, but I’m more excited for the students rather than myself. So, in a sense it’s like watching your child grow up,” shared Mr. Prange.

Principals from every SCSC school were present and stood behind their school’s representatives. Board members were also in attendance, and every student representative stood together in unison.

Construction is expected to be complete by the fall of 2024 which gives it nearly a three-year time-span. The current freshmen will enjoy the additions, and possibly the current sophomores will get to enjoy the final product their senior year.

This groundbreaking is a major event, and something the Seymour community needs to be celebrating. The opportunities at SHS are already countless, and with the brand new additions, a whole new world opens up to students and the community.