Apocalypse Prep with Goose: Bunkers


Shipping containers that could be used for building a bunker

Goose, Staff Writer

If you were to ask me, “Goose, what is the most important part of surviving the apocalypse?” I would tell you “Know your basics. Learn the fundamentals. How to ride a bike, how to make a fire, and how to ration water. Everything else will work out eventually.”
However, other things are incredibly helpful to survival! For example, build yourself a bunker and well stock it. Easier said than done. Fear not though! For I shall be going through my basic tutorial on how to build a bunker. On to the checklist!
Step One: Find a suitable location! Please, please, please find a good location. It can be in your backyard or the woods but find a good spot for your bunker that you will remember. If not, then it is completely pointless to build this bunker. Once you find a good spot for your bunker, decide whether you want to build it or if you want to have someone else build it. If you’re gonna have someone else build it, go ahead and move on to step five.
Step Two: Begin excavation. You can’t have an underground bunker on the surface, so get digging. You can do this using either excavation equipment or shovels if you’re crazy. Either way, you’re going to want to dig your hole at least 2 feet deeper than your ceilings. In our case for this specific bunker, you will want to dig your hole 40′ x 16′ x 11′.
Step Three: Get two 40′ shipping containers, and begin altering them for the bunker. Make sure any modifications are made on upside-down shipping containers! The bottom of the shipping container is sturdier and can therefore handle more weight from the dirt. This includes installing the ladder and the ladder tunnel, cutting a door-sized hole in each container lining up to each other, and moving in any furniture. This also includes building ventilation shafts and setting up electrical wiring in the containers.
Step Four: Lower your containers into the earth. You have to get them into your hole. Included in this step are burying the bunker, installing the hatch to the top of your ladder, ensuring ventilation shafts are uncovered, and hooking up power (whether it be solar power or a gas generator).
Step Five: Ensure all your furniture is in the proper location, install shelves, and ensure all wiring is covered and safe. Then, begin stocking. You’ll want at least 1 gallon of water per day for each person staying in your shelter, keeping in mind that you will need more if you’re scavenging. Stock plenty of canned foods of different kinds, but make sure you focus on your three macronutrients, fat, carbs, and protein. Everything else can be filled in by supplements. Some foods to especially stock up on are rice, dried beans, canned pasta, canned veggies, canned fruits, and low-sodium soup. You will also want to stock up on gas masks, at least one per person, and at least seven filters per person.
Step Six: Bask in the apocalyptic glory! You will be relatively safe in your bunker until you run out of supplies and must begin scavenging. Until then though, keep safe, keep quiet, and keep surviving. This was Apocalypse Prep with Goose, and I wish you good luck.