Welcome Back, Football!


Harrison Wetzel, Staff Writer

As the cooler weather begins to set back into our lives, the months of turf field, and cleats also make a glorious comeback. High school, college, and professional have either all kicked off their season, or are waiting anxiously for the first coin toss.

For us at Seymour, on August 19th the Owls began their season. After, a very lopsided 45-7 loss against the Greenwood Woodmen, the owls made a furious retaliation. The following week the Owls hosted the Red Devils of Jeffersonville. The Owls found themselves down late, but in a classic fourth quarter comeback, the Owls stormed to a 31-28 victory. At the time of writing this article, Seymour heads to East to play the Olympians at 7:00 PM tonight.

College football found themselves thrown into an epic start. An array of tight games, were followed by narrow victories, or heartbreaking losses. The audience found themselves pleased as a plentiful amount of power five schools were in action last night, or will see their season kick off this weekend. The race for the National Championship has begun!

As for in my opinion the greatest of the three, or for that matter an8y sports league on Earth, the NFL returns in 6 days. On September 8th, the defending champ, Rams take on a blood-thirsty team from Buffalo, the Bills. While for the rest of the league, 28 of the teams are slated to return Sunday. Topped off with a Cowboys-Buccaneers Sunday night action. As for Monday Night, the Broncos will see themselves kicking off a Lumen Field in Seattle. The march to hoist the Lombardi come February, is on the horizon.

No matter, an Owls or Braves fan, an IU or Purdue fan, or a Colts or Titans fans; we can put aside our rivalries for just a minute, and appreciate the game. Welcome back, football.