3 of the Most Mind-Boggling Conspiracy Theories about Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons

3 of the Most Mind-Boggling Conspiracy Theories about Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons

Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

   Did you know the classic animated cartoons you grew up watching might have a darker backstory than you initially thought? Accompanying cartoons are a plethora of fan-made theories that dive deep into the seemingly simplistic cartoons that everyone knows and loves. 

1. Adventure Time’s Connection to the Cold War

Adventure Time is a fan-favorite and nostalgic classic that aired on Cartoon Network for eight years about a teenage boy and his talking dog best friend, but fans speculate that there’s more than meets the eye. Adventure Time mentions The Great Mushroom War, and previous episodes have had post-apocalyptic themes. Fans have made distinct connections between the war and 1980s references in the show to the possible outcome of the Cold War. Fans also speculate that the rulers of certain lands in Adventure Time are satirical parodies of real-life world leaders. Given the many references to a life after the war in Adventure Time, this theory certainly leaves long-time viewers questioning the true meaning behind the show 

2.The Clone of Spongebob Squarepants 

A simplistic show about a humorous sea sponge and his absent-minded starfish companion seems innocent on the surface, but what happens in Bikini Bottom? Fans have noticed that as the series progresses over time, Spongebob became less intelligent and detailed as a character. According to Screen Rant, “These changes in Spongebob’s personality made way for the “death theory”, which suggests the Spongebob viewers met…died.” Viewers suggest the reason for Spongebob’s decline in witty jokes is result of his death in the movie. They even go as far as to say that since sea sponges can reproduce asexually, the Spongebob after season four is essentially a clone of the original Spongebob. This theory completely changes the perspective of anyone watching Spongebob and brings a darker side to the carefree cartoon. 

3. Gravity Falls and the Illuminati 

This far-fetched theory stems from Bill Cipher, the main antagonist of the show. His triangular shape has been linked to undertones of the Illuminati by fans. Also, there is a secret society in Gravity Falls that focuses on assuring that supernatural encounters are not remembered. This theory is highly believable, especially since Gravity Falls mentions a secret society quite frequently throughout the series. 

Falling down the rabbit hole, it’s easy to question the meaning behind each episode of these classics. However, the creators have not confirmed these theories, and they remain fan-based speculations. Nevertheless, delving deep into the meanings of popular children’s television shows can be incredibly entertaining.