3 Dark Movie Theories That May Change Your Perspective On Them

3 Dark Movie Theories That May Change Your Perspective On Them

Valeria Galicia, Staff Writer

How would you feel if you found out that some of your favorite movies may have a secret story line behind it? Some of these fan theories may leave you wondering whether or not these movies were made for entertainment, or if they were made to leave you questioning the hidden purpose.

1. The Titanic: Was Jack Imaginary and Was Just There to Help Rose with Her Depression?

When Jack first met Rose, she was very unhappy with her miserable life and her abusive fiance wasn’t making it any better. Fans theorize that perhaps she made Jack up in her head to help her cope with her depression. It would make sense because at the end of the movie we found out that there was no record found of Jack. So, was Jack just made up to help Rose feel better about herself?

2. Peter Pan: The Angel of Death

While Peter Pan may seem like a mythical adventure, some fans theorize that he’s a “childish grim reaper”.  Peter supposedly guides Wendy to the afterlife, also known as Neverland, after she dies from leukemia. Another theory suggests that Wendy, John and Michael died, were transported to the after life by peter, and then they met more dead children (Lost Boys). If you die in childhood you can’t grow up anymore,  which is why the Lost Boys are always childish and they never grow. These theories can change the whole meaning behind this children’s movie

3. Toy Story 3 : The Holocaust 

          Toy Story 3, the saddest movie out of the series, can be even more sad when you can connect it to the Holocaust.  To begin, the toys were all left and abandoned similar to the Jews in Germany. The toys talk about a plan, and Buzz suggests to go ¨attic mode,¨ similar to Anne Frank’s story. Later the toys are transported in a van to a daycare where they were mistreated and kept locked up in cages at times. It’s well-known that Jewish people were transported in trucks to concentration camps where they were locked up and had no freedom. The last piece of evidence that supports this theory may be the most sad and believable one. As the movie approaches the end, the toys were sent to an incinerator after not being used, comparable to how Jewish people were sent to gas chambers. This Holocaust theory can drastically change your perspective on this toys movie.

These dark theories in movies can leave you questioning if there was another purpose behind it being made. Maybe next time you watch one of your favorite movies you’ll find secret meanings in the events or you can compare the movie to a real historic event.