Words are Strange: Intertwined

Words are Strange: Intertwined

Theo, Marketing and Photography

            Influenced by “Patroclus” by Jacques-Louis David

He grips the edge of the wooden seat

Sprawled on crimson cloth

Bare bodied, feral hair

How did my life become this?

He questions angrily, overcome

With torturous emotions, torment. 

His lover, half-godly, indestructible against mortal blows

Ego so huge it saturates the room

Treated like Zeus on his throne

The Chosen of earthlings and deities 

Just the same, only

Patroclus misses their youth

Hidden in the wood and stone

Only their mentor to keep them from not being alone.

But Achilles was called 

To take up the sword, strike down Troy

War changes men on both sides of the fight.

Patroclus knows this but craves it wasn’t true.

They all know the prophecy that his lover will die.

Try as he might, their fate is tied.

But try he will.

In the end

Both lose their lives

Ashes mixed

Together forever in afterlife