Words are Strange: School is a Place


Theo, Marketing and Photography

School is the best,

and worst place alive.

Met people who lost me,

and, people who found me.

My past haunts me, to this day I

can not see a certain person

Least I would like to run away.

I am more than my past

that tries to weigh me down

with guilt and shame.

But something needs to change. 

Teachers teach, Students learn,

in one way or another.

But students can teach, and 

Teachers can learn. Sometimes

We just have to 

meet the right person to do both.

Like my favorite teacher 

who has helped me through 

pains and strife. 

Do not think I would be 

here if we did not meet.

My friends, there is the two,

I could not ask for better

cause they are the best at what they do.

Making me laugh and smile, 

forgetting my dark thoughts.

My lover is an anchor,

constantly by my side.

Thanks to them I am happy all of the time.

Yes, School is a place.

But most places are.