Why Do We Like Love Songs?


Claire Combs, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered why you get a certain feeling when hearing your favorite love song, or even a love song in general? Whether that feeling be sadness, longing, excitement, or happiness, the song evokes an emotional reaction from you.

To hear about the experiences that someone has gone through with their significant other can make us jealous. This is one of the ways the love song resonates within us. It creates a feeling of want and desire for those interactions sung about in love songs. We want those experiences for ourselves and to feel what that other person feels. The imagery the lyrics create for listeners gives them those feelings and allows them to imagine what it would be like to be in that moment.

Love songs also appeal to the emotions that you feel with someone or that you wish to feel with a significant other. The experiences described in the lyrics sometimes create the sense of bliss. Other times, the songs, for those few minutes, create or fulfill a sense of longing. As humans, happiness and enjoyment is always high on our lists; therefore, hearing songs that fulfill our longing makes us happy, appealing to our strongest emotion, love.

Love songs also connect to our memories, whether that be a moment in time where you felt love or a special person that you love/loved.